Personal approach & Customized services

For our dynamism : we are a human-sized company


•   Dynamic structure and high adaptability
•   Flexible service options and speed in execution


For our customized services

•   You will have a personal consultant for each project. Highly qualified and specialized in the chosen product, he will manage the process from the beginning till its full realization.


•   Nevertheless, if your personal consultant is absent, our team organizes regularly internal meetings to share their skills and expertise in order to ensure effective management of urgent issues.


For assured personal approach


•   For our multilingual and multicultural managers

•   The quality of services and communication with clients is our main priority

•   Possibility to contact us in Asia or in Europe

Expertise, Rigor & Genuine Implication

For our expertise


•   Perfect knowledge of Asian market particularities
•   Senior experts of our product ranges

For our rigor

•   Respect for deadlines is one of our highest priorities
•   We respect the due dates within PAD and we insure that our suppliers and even our clients also stick to it

For our genuine implication

•   Historically, we build the company image on strong implication in our clients business projects and genuine partnership
•   We are strongly convinced that the future of our business depends directly on the success and satisfaction of our clients