About Us

PAD is a HONG KONG-based company created in 2009 by French businessmen in order to develop consumer electronics products of 3 famous European brands – TELEFUNKEN, OLYMPIA and AEG.


Quality, Efficiency, Rigor and Implication – the essential characteristics to satisfy high standards of product ranges for these famous and strong brands.


We offer to our European clients a proven expertise in customized development of consumer electronics products – in particular, residential and mobile phones, digital photo frames, audio products, etc. TELEFUNKEN digital photo frames have always been the leader in the French market.


Thank to our experience and business reputation, today we can work with more new clients looking for high quality products.


Today we work mainly with French and French speaking clients and are glad to announce the launch of our new business branch for Russian market.


Therefore, we invite you to join the successful community of our international clients sharing our values of quality, efficiency and genuine partnership.

Our Mission

Key solutions for your procurement in China


Use our 5 senses to manage your operations abroad


•   We will listen to you and HEAR all your specific needs and requirements in order to come up with the best and customized solutions


•   We visit regularly each factory to SEE by ourselves how the production process goes and to control all its stages


•   We are going to test and TOUCH your products directly on production lines in order to provide you with reports and photos on this very day


•   We can SMELL the best deals and propose them to you on prime time


•   We will be able to understand your TASTE and find the products YOU need