Quality of Services

Our goal is to ensure your import is clear and with no surprises.

•   We audit our factories before any production agreement is signed.


•   We manage the development of your products directly with manufacturers in their native language, avoiding any risk of misunderstanding.


•   We control the quality of your products directly on the production lines and look for solutions in case of any problem.


•   We control the quality of your loading and follow product transportation until the shipment.


Make you save your time

•   You save up to 6 working hours per day: while it’s still an early morning in Europe our project team manages your production in Asia and deals with urgent matters, avoiding all delays or production problems.


•   Our partnerships with many Asian factories enable us to be the first to know about new products and to inform you immediately if it fits your product development projects.

Your Efficiency & Expense Optimization

Help you become more efficient


•   Sourcing is our job and we have a deep understanding of how it runs.


•   Our Project Managers have perfect knowledge of local language and business codes. Their experience will guide you successfully through your projects and protect you from costly surprises, which are pretty frequent in this particular market.


Optimize your expenses

•   Save up the money of your business trips: we represent you at factories for everyday matters. We regularly organize video conferences with suppliers in our meeting rooms.


•   Save the time of your specialists: our Project team manages the whole production process, letting your marketing department focus on creative work, communication and sales strategy development.