Our method of work

Project-oriented organization


•   Our Quality approach led us to Project-oriented organization. Each client request is listed under a project reference number and transferred immediately to one of our qualified consultants.


•   We split every project into several phases, based on the product itself and its important features.


•   Such organization structure enables us to monitor rigorously each project of our portfolio. At every moment we know exactly where each project goes and how much time we spend on each stage.


Specialized project managers


Our Project managers are specialized in unique types of products.

Therefore, you can benefit from their qualified help anytime for any specific requirement.

Our Tools

Efficiency is our main goal


•   Our way of work and business image of the company is built around the common will to improve the quality of our services.


•   We lead frequently internal observations to improve our working standards and to make sure that all collaborators and employees respect the working standards


•   With that same goal in mind, we’ve developed our “home-made” IT platform which enables our clients to communicate, manage their projects and consult their data on-line (inspection results, production and shipment plans, sample expedition, new products available, etc.)


Each client has individual needs


•   We propose a range of full-service solutions, as well as customized tailor made services.


•   Depending on your individual needs, we propose tariffs for full-service solutions or only for one or several services, such as quality inspection, product research, user guide translation, help and support at factory visits or again company representation at factories, etc.