Pre-production control

We perform a pre-production control in accordance with your product needs and requirements.


This is an essential phase for you to get an idea and evaluate the quality of materials and resources employed before the production starts.


You can also spot potential problems or dysfunctions in advance, especially if it is the first time you work with the factory or the project is very complex.

Production Control

You may as well opt for a control during the production.


It enables you to check the work organization and to correct all eventual malfunctions in order to avoid bad consequences for the rest of production.



Vérification sur la chaîne

Pre-shipment control

We perform the pre-shipment control once the majority of products have been already manufactured and packed.


Inspectors with more than 10-year experience will test a quantity of products defined by chosen AQL. These tests comprise:


•   Our mandatory tests for each particular type of products

•   Additional specific tests for each particular production

•   Tests according to your special requirements


The full final report including photos, details and number of detected defects will be sent to you rapidly. Then, you will be able to make urgent decisions before the expedition of your goods.  


In case of any problem, your personal consultant will help you to negotiate with suppliers.


Inspection en fin de production

Container loading control

If you choose this option, we will represent you at shipping location the day of loading.


During this supervision, we will verify the state of your containers and the quantity of shipped products. We guarantee the respect of your products and assure a smooth loading procedure.


Chargement des containers