Evaluation & Factory Audit



There is a great difference between the qualities of manufacture in Asian factories. Often, companies pretending to be a manufacturer are in fact resellers. As a result, you face increased prices, extended production cycle and lack of transparency in your business.


So, first of all, before making any order, you should be able to evaluate the quality, authenticity and capacities of your future manufacturer.


Today, we have a base of our approved and tested factories (partners) in which we have a great confidence. On the other hand, we audit in a mandatory manner all new factories which are to be presented to our clients. This service is included in our full-service option, as well as in tailor made services for a particular project.





All audits are performed by a Project manager and a Quality Inspector.

Perfectly familiar with production processes, they use their dual expertise to evaluate the manufacturer. At a very professional level, our team audits the organization structure and communication skills of your potential partner which is highly important for future collaboration, as well as technical equipment for quality control of production lines.


As a result of these inspections, we will present you a detailed report with the analysis of skills, capabilities and equipment of the factory, along with an evaluation based on experts’ knowledge of the market and on comparison with approved suppliers from our database.


Thank to our experience, we can warn and save you from any bad surprises with manufacturers.


We always have in mind a wide selection of products, as our database is updated regularly and the market expertise persists toward perfection.


Firstly, our team will listen to you and analyze your product needs. Then, we will come to you with the best product proposals according to your requirements for technical specifications, prices and quality.


Product research is a part of our full consulting offer (with product development and a production project follow-up), but can be proposed as an independent service as well.

Product Development & Project Management

If you are planning to:


•   Personalize a chosen product: design, characteristics, software, etc.


•   Obtain necessary certificates or pass a certification


•   Create your own packaging


•   Create and translate a user guide


•   Test the samples of future production


•   Monitor and control your production lines


•   Control the quality of goods and their expedition


•   Track the production and shipment schedule

We can do it for you as a part of our full-service option, sharing with you our experience and expertise.

Technical Assistance & Sample Management

Our Project Managers know perfectly the products they work with. They will help you to find the most suitable components, matched to your quality and technical requirements.


During the product development process, we firstly test samples in China before sending a checked version for your validation.


As a result, you save your time and money.


We will keep you updated though on all intermediary tests via reports sent the same day.